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So here I am.  I'm an Midlothian based doula, but I've been at births all across the Edinburgh, East Lothian, West Lothian and Fife.

As well as being a trained birth educator, doula and postnatal class facilitator, I'm also trained in breastfeeding peer support, babywearing support and aromatherapy, amoung other things, with a strong background in Psychology to back it all up.  I also speak French, and a little German.

I have three amazing kids and when I'm not chasing after them, I love running (not particularly fast, or far, just the way I like it) and wild swimming.  I'm a lockdown-SUPer too so although I'm yet to stand up for more than 20 seconds without falling off, I have a lot of fun!

I've had the pleasure of working with well over 100 families antenatally and many more with their little ones already here.  Each and every one is different and special to me, and it's an privilage to be invited to be part of their journey.

I'm always keeping myself up to date with the latest in the birth world... I sit in on Maternity Services Liaison Committees (MSLC) meetings for the Lothians every other month, and regularly take on extra courses, most recently on LGBTQIA+ competency, racism in the maternity system and postnatal mental health.

As your doula I will support your wishes, advocate strongly for you and hopefully show you the way to stepping into yourself and having an experience you feel proud of and truly fullfilled by.

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2017 - The Daisy foundation

Perinatal Educator
- Antenatal weekly classes and full range of workshops (including pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing through movement and birth hypnosis).
- Baby Massage & Baby Yoga classes
- Postnatal Mama classes


2018 - Breastfeeding network

Breastfeeding Helper
(trained as a member of the Midlothian Breastfeeding Alliance)

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2019 - slingababy

Babywearing Peer Supporter

- Debunking myths

- Benefits of carrying

- Safety and carrying

- Basics of baby’s physiology and anatomy

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2020 - Aromatherapy Diploma

An understanding of essential oils, anatomy, massage theory and techniques and aromatherapy practices.

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2021 - red tent doulas

Birth Doula Training


2021 - Beyond Bea

Baby Loss Training

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2021 - Mia Scotland

Postnatal Mental Health for birth professionals: Understanding problems for new families, know what to look for and make a difference.

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2021 - The Queer Birth Club

LGBT Competency in Birth and Beyond

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2022 - Optimal Birth

Biomechanics for Birth - understanding biomechanics of the pelvis through labour, the physiology of birth, diagnosis of malposition and techniques to help the pelvis and baby move into better positions for birth.

" I was so impressed with Julia’s knowledge of physiology,
psychology and general emotional factors around birth. "


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Looking for a doula in Edinburgh or the Lothians?

I am an Edinburgh Doula, providing birth doula and postnatal doula support in Edinburgh, Midlothian, East Lothian and beyond.

What does that all mean?  Head to this page to know more about what doula support means.

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