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Hi, I'm Julia.

I am a midlothian-based birth doula.  I also offer private antenatal classes / refreshers / preparation as well as birth and postnatal support..

Mother, friend, feminist, doula, birth educator, wild swimmer, cake eater, wannabe chicken owner.

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" We hired Julia as a birth doula, wondering if it made sense to spend money in what seemed like a luxury at the time. After having had the prenatal sessions with her, and having her during the birth, we were convinced that everyone would benefit immensely from having one. Julia was brilliant before, during, and after the birth of my baby. I don't know how things would have gone without her. She advocated for me at the hospital when me and my partner were unable to do so because of the nerves/tiredness of labour. She helped me to greatly reduce the pain during contractions, and increased my confidence when I needed it the most. She also talked to the midwives when for different reasons we couldn't, and helped my wife to make an almost magical environment in the hospital, so nice that I forgot at times that we were at a hospital room. I can't recommend her enough. She made a massive difference in my experience, and me and my partner will be forever grateful for her help. "


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BOOK ME for 30 minutes

Follow my calendly link to book a slot straight away, or if these times don't suit, send me a message using the contact form.

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Looking for a doula in Edinburgh or the Lothians?

I am an Edinburgh Doula, providing birth doula and postnatal doula support in Edinburgh, Midlothian, East Lothian and beyond.

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" I learnt so much from the weekly classes and workshops that really helped me prepare for labour and beyond. My labour didn't go at all how I expected, but I still remained calm throughout thanks to the information and techniques Julia had taught. "


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Where to find me...

Get in touch to learn more about my services.


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" I attended the antenatal class with Julia while I was pregnant and now I am at the baby class with my baby girl! Julia is amazing- she is so calming and her classes are really personalised and informative. I found myself tuning into her voice in labour to help me breathe. "


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