- a printable PDF of my own birth affirmations to print and colour... but these ones are a bit naughty. ;)

MINDFUL COLOURING BIRTH AFFIRMATIONS - a printable PDF of my own birth affirmations to print and colour

MINDFUL COLOURING PARENT AFFIRMATIONS - a printable PDF of my own affirmations for new parents to print and colour

VISUAL BIRTH PLAN from the Positive Birth Book



I am a strong believer in community, and expectant / new parents need community, so here is a list of some fantastic people here in Midlothian and the surrounding area, that you might want to look up as well as some useful resources and evidence based information you might find relevant.

The Nest - a pregnancy and parenting hub in Dalkeith, offering a wide range of classes, workshops and other support services.

Midlothian Breastfeeding Support - free drop in's around Midlothian, most days of the week

Karla Napier and Maureen Brownlee - both Edinburgh based lactation consultants

Jenny Grant Osteopath - Midlothian based Osteopath working with pregnant people, babies and children.

Claire Houston Baby Massage - a Certified Infant Massage and Yoga Instructor.

Optimum Physiotherapy - Caroline offers accupuncture and physiotherapy in Loanhead.

Boobling - Midlothian owened business turning breastmilk into incredible jewelry and keepsakes.

Nicola Paton Massage Therapist - Midlothian based therapist offering pregnancy massage amoung other treatments.

Positive Birth Scotland - Gemma Nealon is a practising midwife offering hypnotherapy and birth preparation workshops in Edinburgh.

Napiers Clinic Edinburgh - A clinic that offers consultations with qualified, trained practitioners across a wide variety of herbal medicine and complementary therapies. They also offer a low income clinic for all of their treatments.

AIMS - The Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services (AIMS) supports women in during pregnancy and birth, and provides unbiased information about maternity choices. An incredible helpful source of information so you can take evidence based decisions.

Birth Without Fear - A blog that provides support to women and their families through their trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth and post-partum journeys.

Sara Wickham - A website created by a midwife, speaker, author and researcher, providing information, articles and blog posts related to birth and midwifery.

La Leche League GB - A non-profit organisation that provides mother-to-mother support for breastfeeding from pregnancy onwards.

Spinning Babies - A website that provides a holistic approach to fetal positioning throughout pregnancy and birth.

Homebirth UK - A website that offers information and references for those families considering a home birth.

Evidence Based Birth - A website that offers evidence-based information on pregnancy and birth related topics.

Bliss - A British charity that offers emotional and practical support to empower families of babies born premature or sick.


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