The Birth Circle

The Antenatal Course that puts you in control

This is the ultimate Pick 'n' Mix of antenatal classes.
Complete the full circle, or pick and choose elements to suit your circumstances and budget, so you're already the ones making the decisions, right from the get go.


" Easily the best baby class I’ve been to.  Julia provides such a friendly and personal environment that makes you feel known and so glad you came along and gives a much needed confidence boost for the rest of the week. "


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The Birth circle

It's here.  The Birth Education course that puts you in charge.

A course that leaves you feeling ready to take on the world, knowledgable about birth, and about supporting someone in birth, and confident in your ability to birth and to parent.

Select 6, 7 or 8 of the elements in the full course.

6 sessions : £180

7 sessions : £205

8 sessions: £230

Depending on your circumstances, pick and mix some or all of our 8 sessions (the more you come to, the more you save) and however many you choose, you’re invited to a social meet up for the entire course at the end.


Birth plan

Postpartum workbook

Weekly fact sheets


All classes take place on Wednesday evenings from 6.30 - 8.30pm and are a combination of discussing the topics listed below, and learning some practical movement, comfort measures and positioning tips, always finishing up with a short guided relaxation.

Week 1 - Physiological birth / mechanics of birth and mindset / hypnosis

Week 2 - Pregnancy wellbeing and foetal positioning, stages of labour, pain relief options & comfort measures

Week 3 - Role of care provider, the role of hormones and birth environment

Week 4 - Inductions, pushing and assisted delivery

Week 5 - C-sections - gentle vs clinical.  The process and your options

Week 6 - Stage 3  : Delivery of placenta, cord clamping, the placenta and the golden hour.  What happens next?  Going home (the first days)

Week 7 - Parenting - practical skills and sleep 

Week 8 - Feeding - a focus on breastfeeding, but with information to prepare for formula and bottle feeding too


the birth circle
upcoming course dates


7th September 2022

for December & January due dates

Session 1 : 7th September
Session 2 : 14th September
Session 3: 21st September
Session 4 : 28th September
Session 5 : 5th October
Session 6 : 12th October
Session 7 : 26th October
Session 8 : 2nd November
Social : 13th November

16th November 2022

for Feb, March and April due dates

Session 1 : 16th November
Session 2 : 23rd November
Session 3: 30th November
Session 4 : 7th December
Session 5 : 14th December
Session 6 : 11th January
Session 7 : 18th January
Session 8 : 25th January
Social : 5th February

8th February 2023

for April, May & June due dates

Session 1 : 8th February
Session 2 : 22nd February
Session 3: 29th February
Session 4 : 8th March
Session 5 : 15th March
Session 6 : 22th March
Session 7 : 29th March
Session 8 : 6th April
Social : 10th April

27th April 2023

for June, July & August due dates

Session 1 : 27th April
Session 2 : 5th May
Session 3: 11th May
Session 4 : 18th May
Session 5 : 25th May
Session 6 : 1st June
Session 7 : 8th June
Session 8 : 15th June
Social : 26th June


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